Sunday, April 3, 2016

Oh, If You Only Know All The Little Things Oral Surgeons Can Tell You!

Your oral surgeon, especially one who is also a specialist in periodontics can tell you a whole lot about what you need to do in order to align your jaw or take care of your impacted tooth, among other things. A periodontist is the first person you need to get to if you had an accident and need to deal with a dislocated jaw. Although you may not be aware of it, however, a periodontist can also be the go-to guy if you want to get a head’s up on how healthy you are. Your Oral Surgeon and Your Body Because oral surgery deals with gums, teeth, and the whole oral region, it is easy for periodontists to spot something out of the ordinary in the said area. For example, if they can see that you have a dry mouth, they know you most probably have undetected diabetes.


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