Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Laser Surgery: A One Stop Dental Procedure Offered By An Orange County Periodontist

Dental procedures especially the use of the traditional dental drills can be disturbing, if not overly painful as heat, vibration and pressure are applied on the patient’s teeth. Dental laser treatment and surgery takes all that away, as it uses the different wavelengths of light to remove the diseased gum tissue; so procedures like the restoration of teeth and gums to a healthy state can be done without the pain of incision, bleeding, anesthesia, stitches, bacterial infection and every other discomfort brought about by traditional gum surgeries.

Lasers can be categorized based on their uses: hard or soft tissue. The wavelength used differ with the type of procedure by which the periodontist perform the surgery as well as the way the laser light is generated. Laser procedures are what your periodontist usually perform in order to treat issues like:


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