Monday, November 2, 2015

Dental Lasers Can Be a Major Breakthrough in Your Life

Harnessing laser power has done amazing things in the field of cosmetic dentistry. It can eliminate the need for painful sutures for procedures like deep scalings, and it can reach areas under painful gum tissue much less invasively than other procedures. There is even a laser process that can “sculpt” the soft tissue of your gums to give you an amazing smile.

Now, many time-consuming procedures can be performed via dental laser much quicker and with much less pain than before. Orange County patients who have switched to laser are astonished at the degree of comfort and time savings they experience with dental laser compared to old fashioned techniques.

Some Orange County patients have noticed less bleeding with dental laser applications. That’s because the laser cauterizes bleeding with its high energy pulsations. Dental lasers also minimize bacterial infections because the laser beam sterilizes soft tissue as it goes. Bleeding and infections are two major hazards that lasers virtually eliminate, allowing healing to occur at a much faster rate.

Dentists now use lasers for a variety of preventative and corrective procedures. Dental lasers can be used to detect early signs of tooth decay and eliminate the use of drills in filling cavities in some cases.

Where roots have been exposed, making teeth sensitive to hot and cold, dental lasers can seal these areas off and return teeth to normal sensitivity levels. Dental lasers can even be used to give you a dazzling, white smile as the lasers can aid the whitening process.

Seek out a cosmetic dentist in Orange County today who can offer you the benefits of dental lasers so you can experience for yourself the many benefits of this new technology.

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