Monday, October 12, 2015

3 Myths about Dental Implants You Should Not Believe

In terms of aesthetics, longevity and function, dental implants are considered the best restoration solution for teeth loss. However, as this breakthrough’s popularity grew, so too are misconceptions. If you have been missing teeth, time is essential to preserve your dental health so don’t let these myths hold you back from seeing an oral surgeon here in Orange County:

Myth 1: “The procedure is excruciating.”

Truth: Dental implantation is a form of surgery so some discomfort is expected. But an oral surgeon worth his salt will always see to it that numbing solutions is provided to his patient so that the pain will be no more than a simple tooth extraction. If you have dental anxiety, the doctor may use sedation to help you feel calmer.

Myth 2: “It’s often rejected by the body.”

Truth: Dental implants are made of materials that biochemically anchors to the jaw bone. It’s true that sometimes the bond fail and the implant can loosen or fall out but these cases are very rare. For over forty years, researches have shown that dental implantation have an overall success rate of up to 95%. 

Myth 3: “It works only for young patients”.

Truth: It’s true that not everyone can have dental implants but it’s not because you’re old. In fact, you can even be too young for it because your jaw bone should first develop fully. Also, you need not be in perfect health; what’s important is you have a strong jaw bone tissue to hold the implant.

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